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Aquaponics system 600 An Aquaponics System based on a A 600 Lit re Fish Tank

Aquaponics vegetables
Plant growth in my 600 Lit re Aquaponics System

A Series of Photos.

Aquaponics - Jade Perch
Building my First Aquaponics System.
An Aquaponics Journal .

Aquaponics - Strawberries Aquaponics in a School Setting.

Aquaponics as an Educational Tool.

Murray Hallam
Murray Hallam explains Aquaponics in a podcast
with Deno from
The podcast is about 35 minutes long and is well worth the time to listen.
Put on your earphones, kick back , relax and take in the information.
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Indy 23 Fish Garden
Page one of the plan set showing basic layout and components.
A view of our Indy 23 system. This shows the wicking bed on the right with DWC on the right in the distance. The left side are media beds.
The Indy 23 Aquaponics System will provide a family of 4 with every vegetable needed year round with proper planting schedule and good management. This design is the result of 7 years of continuing research, trials and actual food production.  As our name “Practical Aquaponics” implies; we have actually built and run Indy 23 systems.  This is not just a fancy plan set, it is a proven system. This plan set like everything else we produce and recommend is the result of actual experience.

The INDY 23 Fish Garden is available in three levels.

Full Colour Plans and instruction set including comprehensive bill of quantites.
The plan set includes:
1:- 18 pages of full colour A3 plans (hard copy) showing the exact placement of every componet. Excellent plumbing detail.
2:- 40 plus pages of step by step building and assembly instructions.
3:- Metric and Imperial measurements throughout.
4:- Australia and US components listed together with photos to make identification easier.
5:- Bill of quantites. Complete listing of every component and fitting needed to complete the job.

Pipe and Plumbing Kit
The Plumbing kit includes:
1:- All pipes PVC for water and air lines. All fittings, elbows, joiners and the like
2:- Pumps (air and water) sized correctly for the system. These are quality pumps that we have tested and run on our own systems.
3:- Backup equipment which includes fail switch, 12 volt pump, electrical wire and pipe work for both fish tanks.
4:- Trough liner, quality LDPE food safe liner.

Flat pack .
The Flat Pack includes all of the pipe and plumbing kit, plus plywood , timber, screws, bolts, foam insulation. etc.
You will be able to build the complete kit off the flat pack pallet as delivered.

What is NOT included.
1:- IBC's and Blue barrels.
2:- Greenhouse.
3:- Media such as gravel or clay pebbles.
4:- Compost.
5:- Tools for the build.

F.A.Q about the Indy 23 Fish Garden.
Being added as the questions come in. Use the contact page to ask any questions you may have.
Is the Indy 23 Fish Garden plan set available outside Australia? -
Yes it is. The plan sets can be posted to you anywhere in the world.

What about the plumbing kit and the Flat Pack kit? Are they available outside Australia?
Not yet, but they will be early 2014. Arrangements are well advanced for the kits to be shipped from the USA for our American clients. Actually we have already shipped plumbing kits to the Philippines.

How much space is needed to build the Indy 23?

The ideal footprint is 13.6m x 4.7m (45' x 15'6") The width can be squeezed down a bit, but it is ideal to build on that footprint. If possible a bit more length in the greenhouse would be ideal to allow space for seedling raising benches, garden tools and the like..

Are the plans a PDF file and can they be sent electronically?
No, the plans are printed and bound into a quality book on quality paper for long service life.

Will there be any help available to answer questions etc during my Indy 23 build?
Yes, we are setting up a system for plan purchasers to have exclusive access to Murray or a senior staff member to answer questions and help with any construction and/or start up issues.

What is the price of the PlanSet in US dollars?
It changes slightly depending on the daily exchange rate, but at todays rate the US dollar amount is $360.70 US. This calculation is taken care of automatically when you purchase in the shop.

Indy 23 Fish Garden Flat Pack ready to be wrapped and shipped..
Indy 23 Plan set. Sample plan sheets.

Aquaponics secrets dvd Aquaponics DIY
Aquaponics made easy
Over 100 minutes of quality onfo...
This DVD follows on from Aquaponics Made Easy adding many more "Secrets"
Two DVD's in one. Build your own Aquaponics system with the info in this amazing DVD. Over 100 minutes of quality info.
Over 90 minutes of quality info....
This is Murray's first DVD and 2 years on is still our best seller.
The most up to date and relevant Aquaponics information available.  Secure your copies today.

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