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New Profile Posts

  1. Rainsford
    A new comer to Aquaponics, done some research on the internet, and eager to learn more and go practical.
  2. Harold Wissell
    Autocomplete used a different email instead of the one I used for the design course. JSPFISH@GMAIL.COM is the correct one.
  4. Shunyam
    Shunyam Murray
    Hi. What are the pros and cons LDPE or polyester FG? I got 2x 1000l FG fishtanks and 2x 600l FG growbeds, as well a swirl filter. I want to built at least another 2 beds out of ply 300x70x30cm each.
    Iit'll be a flood and drain syst. with dwc and media beds. Which to make the media beds the wooden ones or the FG ones. As well 3 bathtubs and 2 plyw. beds of 430x80x30cm. How much should be media b.?
  5. Glyn
    Grow to eat
  6. achuthanand
    agriculture enthusiast
  7. Jacob Konold
    Jacob Konold Alex Choi
    Mr Choi,
    Are you in need of employees for the greenhouse you will be starting? I recently earned a Bachelor of General Studies with a focus on Aquaponics at South Dakota State University. I am very passionate about Aquaponics, and I want a reason to come to South Korea, for I have great friends there and I wish to learn the language and culture.
    Jacob Konold
  8. Lakeway Tilapia
    Lakeway Tilapia
    Answering the technical support line.
  9. Bill McLarty
  10. Tami Danysh
    Tami Danysh Byron
    I live in Aspley and just found some of your questions on starting your system. Since you lived close to us....thought we might bounce ideas off as we are just starting as well. Hopeful to begin a beer making operations as well. Thanks Would like to get worms as well if you still have.
  11. Joshua Wildenberg
    Joshua Wildenberg
    Hi there, looking for a cheap way and Zen way for aquaponics n'Koi carp :)
  12. OutOfControl
    not bad for a couple of days over 100 yabbies
  13. fishstick
    The following Statement is True. The previous Statement is False
  14. bonger76
    Just wondered if anyone does Dutch buckets with their aquaponic system and if they have had any trouble with them?
  15. Jef's Girl
    Jef's Girl
    Newbie with a passion to learn all I can about aquaponics.
  16. Danno
    About to start a new Aquaponics garden in Canberra. Wish me luck.
  17. cherami
    I hope you have a pleasant Journey through Life
  18. SueK
    We're gonna need a bigger tank...
  19. Micklo Pavlo
    Micklo Pavlo
    Just the beginning
  20. Judex Francois
    Judex Francois
    Judex From Mauritius