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Dutch buckets?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by toffee, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. toffee

    toffee New Member

    Jul 26, 2011
    Palm Desert
    After reading a bit about dutch buckets, some questions:

    1. Bucket fill with media of varies sort , perlite or gravels seems to be the perfected media. With media, won't it just be an individual continuous flow bed?

    2. Bucket using a lid with build in mesh planter, this way, media only in that small mesh planter. Roots started with the media then suspense in air before entering water. Any particular merit in this more complex approach? More air for the roots? Do plants need to have different roots for media/air/dwc?

    3. In both case, water enters on top or near the top then exit the bucket near the bottom with a upside down "U" pipe with one side of the U pointed about 1"-2" from the bucket's bottom. Wouldn't this U create some sort of siphon? That would be good, wouldn't it so less stagnant water?

    How much water would be ideal? I would like to have 3"-4" of water as emergency reserve in case of power failure when I travel etc., Here in the desert, summer temp reaches 50C on hot days, wouldn't want dry out plants after a weekend away ...

    5. Then the frequency of watering, continuous non stop would be easier for me, hydroponic folks seems to water only few times a day of few minutes each, more air for the roots that way?

    What I wanted to do is to utilize an existing in-ground concrete pond of about 500g filled with about 10-15 fancy goldfishes. Water are currently being 'cleansed' with two 24" pots of canna lilies sitting in the pond growing vigorously. Water filtration via a homemade above ground mechanical filter with matala pads.

    Thanks for helping

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