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Master Class:   Four Day Aquaponics Future Farm MASTER CLASS Training Course.        
Brisbane Australia.

June 19 - 22, 2017
September 4 - 7, 2017


Murray and his team will help you make your commercial Aquaponics dream a reality.
This course will equip you with a working understanding of operating systems and farm design.
You will know how to budget and financially plan your future Aquaponics farm.

You will have a clear step by step marketing plan for your farm produce.
Just what makes Aquaponics work so well will be clearly explained.


No more hunting around looking at dozens of You Tube clips, trolling through forums, reading endless blogs to try and glean the information necessary to plan and make your Aquaponic farm a reality.  The information is right here in this 4 day Future Farms MASTER CLASS course. So much poor quality information out there and how are you supposed to be able to tell which is good and which is just plain made up spin.

Bob K:  wrote:
"Thanks Murray, I attended your seminar in Texas. I gained a lot of information! It was a great time met a lot of nice good people. I built a DWC since then (only two days) using a IBC, I ordered some rafts from Green Life farm . Great Place love the new tech they have, very excited to move forward on the train of opportunity. I understand a lot of stuff that I didn't before and suggest your seminar for anybody interested in Aquaponics, a great investment!"

Murray HallamWe have worked continuously developing and proving Aquaponics systems both home scale and commercial scale since early 2006.  When we started out there was very little information available about Aquaponics but being experimenters by nature we learned the hard way.  We know with confidence what works and what doesn't.


Our company name "Practical Aquaponics" reflects our method of operation.  If we have not proved it in practical terms then we do not teach or recommend it. Practical Aquaponics has manufactured and delivered hundreds of home Aquaponics systems.  Our Future Farm designs are without equal.  Our full length DVD's have been viewed all over the world.


Murray says:  I have been fortunate to have traveled widely around the world in the last 8 years, visiting and consulting on Aquaponics farms. This has allowed me to glean a massive amount of excellent, actual experiential knowledge that I will pass onto you.  I started sharing my knowledge and experience by hosting Aquaponics courses in 2009 and since then have trained 1290 students across 7 countries.   My students have come from all corners of the globe.

In January 2014 after over three years of work we have received Australian Federal Government certification for our yet to be released
Certificate III in
Aquaponics Organic Food Production. The certified course code is 10427NAT.  This certified training course will be rolled out in late 2015.  I hold a Federal Government Cert IV TAAO4 in Workplace Training and Assessment.  See "About Us" for further info.

Arthur L: wrote:

Hi Murray,  Just a short note to thank you for the excellent overview you provided yesterday.

I was very impressed with all that I saw, your extensive knowledge & expertise and your relaxed but captive presentation style!

 Also, please convey my sincere thanks to Gail for the quiet but very efficient manner in which supports you: registration, catering, photographs etc.

I was most interested in the fish and wouldn't mind learning more about how I could use that part of your system to help achieve my goal of becoming food independent.


Ghansham J wrote:

Dear Murray,  Thank you for the interesting and amazing workshop you held on Aquaponics in cooperation with Proto Village. Sharing thoughts and ideas about this innovative and useful technology inspired me to learn more about the system and to teach it one day in rural areas around India in local language.


Our training course is the best way of getting that reliable in depth information you need to plan your Future farm or improve the performance of your existing Aquaponics project.  You will be able to build an effective, efficient ECO system farm that will repay your training investment over and over again.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to make the break into a more sustainable lifestyle business.
Select your venue, then go secure your seat.


Course Outline: (abridged)


Day 1

Aquaponics Course Descriptor:

Introductions, Greenhouse inspection and overview

Planning the Farm, Finance, Materials, Infrastructure.

How does it work? Nitrogen cycle, pH, O2, Disease & Nutrients.

Filtration. Types, choices

Crop choice, Plants and fish. How to

Marketing (1) my product/business, variation to pricing and value adding, branding

Introduction to local/state legals


Day 2

Farm style. FloMedia, DWC, NFT, MBB

Design, Construct, Erect. Construction methods/choice
Hydroponic components.  Aquaculture components

Greenhouse considerations. Covered growing

Choices in Grow Media
Wicking beds.

Insect control, disease control in plants / fish

Microbiology & water chemistry

Q & A session


Day 3

Design discussions. Build plans, components.

Farm case study.

Nutrient availability and distribution in regard to farm infrastructure design.

Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legals (2)


Day 4

Construct, assemble and erect. (2)

Greenhouse technology, heating, cooling

FloMedia technology and its additions and variations

Bio security

Marketing (2) Internet, Sundry marketing, Farm gate sales +

Final Q&A session.















































































































































































































































































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See this page for additional information about this and other Aquaponics courses we offer.


Class of February 2014 Practical Aquaponics.

Class of February 2014 -  Brisbane.

Students who attended our March 2015 course in Brisbane Australia say,


1. Thank you for the warm hearted feel to the course with thorough information and time to go through the information. Samuel T.


2. I’m so satisfied with the amount of information I picked up during the course. Money well spent – Daniel V.


3. Very Interactive learning environment and the atmosphere is quite relax because the way Murray is teaching. With his broad experience and for each student, it just make this course worth every penny you have spent – Yutao W.


4. At the beginning I thought you just learn and then start your own business.  Now I know it’s more than I thought about farmer to farmer, community, marketing eg.  I have learn a lot. – Phuoc T. (Peter)


5. Before deciding to do the course it was a 50/50 calc on what value I would get that I couldn’t get off the DVDs, books, YouTube.  Have to say now it is worth 150% of the value for anyone considering Aquaponics. – Frank L.


6. Good value for money. I recommend this course if you are keen about learning Aquaponics – David C.


7. This course is a lot more hands on than my Aquaculture Cert IV course. – Chad M.


8. Really enjoyed the course and am happy to see passion towards such an innovative industry! Will tell others to attend. (Anon)


9. For the instruction, I believe that this is the future of our food supply. Teaching by experience is very valuable experience. – Frederic C.


10. The course is very good – Andrew C.


11. Open discussion time was fantastic, the diverse group had a lot of useful info as well as the course in general. Murray was very knowledgeable, realistic and approachable. – Bernadette S.


12. Course was well balanced and covered all the areas I was looking for.  Thanks for the yummy food Mrs Hallam. - Alesana V.


13. A very informative Course I look forward to putting into motion the knowledge I have gained, into a well-structured, successful Aquaponics food production business. – Adam H.


14. Having attended this course I now feel I am equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully start a commercial Aquaponic farm. – Sean E.


15. Beacame aware of aquaponics while working for a religious organisation and later built a couple of gravel bed systems with Tilapia for a Bible college in Mexico. I’ve since designed a few more system s for barns, basement and even my own living room.  I am now hoping to make a living through aquaponics. – Joshua A.





Students who attended our September 2014 course in Saint Helens Oregon say,

My favorite parts:

1. The wicking bed concept.

2. Murray’s teaching style – very relaxed.

3. I learned a bunch

4. Glad to have the plan book.

Thank you, Robert R.  Oregon USA






Very good seminar. I learned a lot. Great interaction with class. Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid twice the amount for the class. Thanks again!
Glen Z. Oregon USA


Some of the best information came from off topic stories / life experiences.

Anonymous. Oregon USA


Fantastic! Thank you! Maybe building a mini system would be a good addition. Hearing in the back of the room was hard. Thank you!

Z. P. Oregon USA


More copies printed of the power point presentation. Great info, humor and hosting. All great. Thanks!
Anonymous. Oregon USA


Ingenuity are great hosts and excellent cooks. Facility could use a shower and restroom facilities to aid people who camp over.

Murray Hallam is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable. Just wish we had more of his material to purchase.
Paul H.  Oregon USA.


Thank you for very much for brining such a prominent and knowledgeable individual to our area. Fantastic specific information about really running an AP system. This has truly dispelled many of the Internet available myths about this subject. I would provably been better set to take the whole course rather than cheaping out to only come to the advanced section.

James B. Oregon USA.


My favorites included the disease discussion (and remedies). Pointers about iron, calcium and potassium deficiencies. Lots of good tidbits. Like the powdery mildew fix.

Bill C.  Oregon USA.


Outstanding information. I am so glad I took the course! I signed up for the two days. Ithough the wicking bed presentation was mostly a duplicate on day 2 . I would have preferred to see the slides that were skipped over in the mornings session on day 2.

The book and handouts were great. Looking forward to the dropbox to print what was not printed. The best was the printout form where I could take notes down on the slide.

Athought: Walk through every component of the Indy23 – what we covered was a great (swirl and mineralization tanks) but I would have like to discuss through the rest. Still my brain is so full it feels like it will explode! I can’t wait to get building my own system.

Thanks for everything!
Darren C. Oregon USA.


The course was great. It would be nice to have more regional specific information, heating fish, etc.

Anonymous. Oregon USA


Best – Step by step instructions and examples of real world applications.

Worst – Wish it was longer.

Anonymous. Oregon USA


Had a great tie. I can’t think of anything that I would change. Maybe more aquaponic pictures of other systems.

David T. Oregon USA.



• Being able to ask specific questions to Murray

• Learning some best/better practices in AP gardening

• Tips in overcoming AP difficulties

• Opportunity to others with others involved in AP



• Started at 9 Am rather than the 8 AM as advertised

• Some content seemed basic knowledge such as types of systems.

• Would have preferred to learn more advanced techniques and design in AP in more depth

Overall, a great day and I am glad to have joined. Thank you!

Jonathan G. Oregon USA.


I felt I got a great deal of value from the class. As a beginner aquaponics enthusiast, but a long term practicing permaculturalist and environmentalist, I have gotten a greater understanding of another component of my goal to make my small urban property provide enough to sustain my 4 person family. Great work! I will be doing more research and will be visiting your site for more information.

Paolo H. Oregon USA.


MeetUp Reviews:

It was fantastic. Kate and the Ingenuity team really put together a fantastic event.

I learned a ton and met many wonderful people. I look forward to the next event at Ingenuity Innovation Center!

Sagar P.  Oregon USA.


Yes, great event. Uploaded a couple photos of Murray demonstrating building up a Wicking Bed.

Claude S. Oregon USA.


What an Awesome event, Kate and Aaron really knocked it out of the park with this one, I know everyone else would agree. Thank you guys for the learning opportunity with the Godfather Murray Hallam, had a great time.

Robert R. Oregon USA.



Another wonderful night with my dear friends Theresa Holt and Liana G Viken...we immensely enjoyed the presentation on aquaponics by Ingenuity Innovation. The world is truly on the edge of a food crisis. ..using aquaponics could be a way to avoid starvation while at the same time improving our ridding world of chemically processed foods. I was truly impressed.

Diane D.  Oregon USA.




Students who attended our August 2014 course say,

"A very informative course. I particularly liked the hands on parts of the course and the walks around the greenhouse." Mike C. NSW

"A great four days. The course covered all the necessary subjects. I enjoyed the course. Very open and practical." Peter P.  NSW

"Great course, great food, really enjoyed it."  Gary W.  Victoria.

"Very informative course. A must for anyone considering commercial Aquaponics. Phillip N QLD.

"Anyone seriously interested in the future of food and Aquaponics simply must do this course. I liked the hands on and building skills taught." Seb P. QLD.

" I would like to thank Murray and his wife for building this up in both techniques and knowledge and their willingness to share it with others. I hope in the future we can see Aussie farms doing well." I liked the info handed out and working in the greenhouse.

Keith A. QLD.

" This course has given me the confidence to sped up production of my home system. It contains honest, realistic and valuable information about this emerging culture. Every day left me more excited to learn, do and spread the intelligence of Aquaponics ECO system. There was a good break up of theory and practice, lots of time to ask questions.  Thank you so much for teaching. " Anna L. QLD.

"Great content, great fun, very well planned and presented. Generally a great experience. The catering, good work Gail and Briohne. Thanks Murray & Gail. Lincon M. WA

"Thanks heaps Murray." Scott F QLD.


"10 out of 10" Jeff L QLD.




Students who attended our April 2014 course say,

"I started my Aquaponics system 6 months ago based on information I got from the web. With the benefit of hindsight I should have done the course first to make things easy.  Yohann D. NSW


Students who attended the February 2014 course say,

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Information and field knowledge has been fantastic. This course has inspired me to further my knowledge in Aquaponics farming and maybe in the future as a career. I think small steps are best. Thanks Murray for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You are inspirational". Mark P.  Gold Coast.

"I was very impressed with the extensive scope of the course, covering more than how a system works. Subjects such as disease and pests, management, small business and marketing". James C.  Gold Coast.

"Murray's course was not only full of practical information that I can use straight away -  His friendly personality make the course an enjoyable experience"  Mandy R,  Gold Coast.

"Being very new to the concept of Aquaponics, this course helped to both clarify and inspire. Thanks".  Cameron C. Victoria.

"Murray's enormous enthusiasm and broad experience make Practical Aquaponics the obvious choice for anyone starting out in the industry. Worth the long flight."  Patrick H,  Hong Kong.

"I have been looking forward to attending one of these courses for a number of years, and it was all and more than I expected. Thank you so much Murray & team". Reeves G. Victoria.

"Coming to Australia for this class has been a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough good things about Murray and his team"  Brandon B  California.