Grow your own Vegetables and Fish in your own backyard.
A fun and interesting project.
Aquaponics is Spoken Here.
Aquaponics as a Hobby, or a Commercial venture.

Aquaponics information and Aquaponic Systems and Hardware

Strawberries grown in a Aquaponics "Tower" made from 90mm PVC pipe.
Are you wondering if Aquaponics is a good way to grow your vegies, then keep an eye on these pages.
I will post up a new photo every week.

These Vegetables are growing on water containing the fish waste and is pumped through the Grow Bed on a 20 minute cycle.

The water slowly drains from the Grow Bed and is then returned to the fish tank clean ready for the fish to live in.

A series of photos showing Plant Growth in and Aquaponics System.
ABOVE:- 3 September 2006
Lettuce, Silver Beet, Zucchini and Tomatos planted. Gravel is "10mm Drainage Gravel"
ABOVE:- 12 September 2006
ABOVE:- 22 September 2006
ABOVE:- 29 September 2006
ABOVE:- 30 September 2006 6:am
ABOVE:- 8 October 2006
ABOVE and BELOW :- 8 October 2006
ABOVE :- 15 October 2006 - Note that lettuce in the front left hand corner have been harvested and replaced with Bok Choi seedlings.
ABOVE :- 15 October 2006 - Note the lettuce in mid right hand side have also been harvested and replaced with Bok Choi seedlings.

Murray Hallam

Call Me on 07 3200 0272 if you wish to talk about Aquaponics for your home or commercial Aquaponic project.

This page first posted 9th October 2006

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