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Aquaponic Kits -

Kitchen Garden Kit.  Setup close to the kitchen door - grow herbs and lettuce.


Kitchen Garden Kit. Setup close to the kitchen door - grow herbs and lettuce.

The Aquaponics Kitchen Garden is just that, a very convenient herb and lettuce garden right outside the kitchen door.
Place the Kitchen Garden on the balcony or patio as close as possible to your kitchen entry. 

This Kitchen Garden is not a novelty item. It produces good quantites of organically grown herbs and green leafy vegetables.

The Kitchen Garden is so easy to manage and produces wonderful herbs and lettuce that you have grown yourself  WITHOUT artificial chemical fertalisers and herbicides.  There is no need to add costly artificial nutrient concoctions. The natural organic waste from the fish power the amazing growth of the plants above.
The powerhouse of the Kitchen Garden is the organic waste from the fish that are kept in the bottom tank. Up to 10 fish can be kept (depending on the species) Feed the fish and the natural waste by products from the fish fertilize the grow bed above.
The top tank is planted with herbs and lettuce of your choice.

Take care of the fish by feeding them on quality fish food (provided) and occasionally topping up the water in the tank.

The kit consists of,
1          Fish tank and grow bed manufactured from marine grade fibre glass here in Australia
2          Water pump and pipe work and connectors.
3          Initial supply of fish food and starter seaweed extract, seeds pack.
4          Water test kit.
5          CANNA clay pebble grow media for the garden grow bed.
6          Australian hardwood Kiddie Cover for the fish tank opening.
7          Aquaponics made easy DVD and kit operational instructions.

Size = 1130mm deep x 1090 mm wide x 600mm high
Weight = When fully operational 400 kg.

Available on easy "No interest ever" finance.

250.00 deposit and 26 fortnightly payments of $32.00
Terms and conditions apply T.A.P.
See our Finance page for details.  HERE



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