Grow your Vegetables and Fish in your own backyard Aquaponics System.
A fun and interesting project.
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Aquaponics information Aquaponic Systems and Hardware


Aquaponic Systems
using my products.

A selection of various Aquaponics Systems using my purpose made tanks and grow beds.

Home or unit.
One to suit every budget.

modular systems.

Aquaponics system 600 An Aquaponics System based on a A 600 Litre Fish Tank.

Aquaponics vegetables Plant growth in my 600 Litre Aquaponics System

A Series of Photos.

Aquaponics - Jade Perch Building my First Aquaponics System.
An Aquaponics Journal .

Aquaponics - Strawberries Aquaponics in a School Setting.

Aquaponics as an Educational Tool.

Aquaponics in a school Aquaponics in Action.

Aquaponics as an Educational Tool.

Strawberries grown in a Aquaponics "Tower" made from 90mm PVC pipe.
Aquaponics - Strawberries in a grow tower

Murray Hallam

Call Me on 07 3200 0272 if you wish to talk about Aquaponics for your home project.

We are located 45 kilometres south of Brisbane CBD towards Beaudesert Qld.
Visits to see my Aquaponics system are welcome but by appointment only.

The worlds greatest
macadamia nut cracker.

Aquaponics Grow Fish and plants together

Aquaponics is spoken here Aquaponics is spoken here 2 Aquaponics is spoken here 3

Aquaponic Systems using products manufactured by
Practical Aquaponics for Everyone.

Commercial Farm Equipment.

Filter for Aquaponics
Nitrification Filter , sump and swirl filter in line.. Three parts of the filtration process here seen set up in a line, with the sump in the forground.

Photos by M O'Dee
Aquaponics filter
Nitrification Filter, Aeration Chamber Copious quantities of air is injected from beneath the filtration medium. This process accelerates the conversion of nutrients in the water and assists in the overall aeration of the water.
The water then drops to the last settlement chamber before making its way out to the collection sump.
Aquaponics Commercial Filter.
Nitrification Filter. The first two settlement chambers can be seen in the forground.
Aquaponics Commercial Fish Tank.
Parabolic Fish Tanks.
Each fish tank is 2000 ltrs in capacity.

These tanks have 2 x drain outlets and 2 x aeration disks.

The tanks can be fitted with three dividers allowing the one tank to be used for grading of fish stocks.

Aquaponics Swirl filter...Also for Aquaculture.
Swirl Filter.
Perfect diamater swirl filter quickly and efficently removes large solids from the water column.
Grow Troughs for Aquaponics.
Grow Troughs.
Troughs are fitted with floating rafts where the seedlings are placed into the pre drilled holes. The nutrient rich water travels the length of the trough. Air disks add more air to the nutrient rich water as it makes its way slowly along the trough
Farm installation at Mildura Victoria.

Call us for the manufacture and supply of Aquaponics farm equipment.

07 3200 0272

We can also provide excellent advices on any size Aquaponics project.

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