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How-to Build a Wicking Bed.

This is a four part lesson sequence on how to build a Wicking Bed.
This film was shot in Saint Helens Oregon USA.
To gain maximum benefit please watch all four videos in sequence.

This is a wicking Bed layout drawing.
This is a wicking Bed layout drawing.

Wicking beds are a wonderful way to grow anything but in the context of Aquaponics, wicking beds are used to grow those in-ground crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions.

Wicking beds are the invention of Queenslander Colin Austin. A wonderful addition to your Aquaponics system and most useful to grow those crops that do not do so well in Aquaponics, such as Potatoes, carrots and the like. In short, any type of produce where the crop is below the ground.
Even if you do not have an Aquaponics system but you desire a better way to garden, then wicking beds are for you.

Wicking beds – Video #1. What is a Wicking Bed?

Wicking beds – Video #2  The Elements of a Wicking Bed.

It is true, plants such as potatoes, carrots, beets, onions grow very well in Wicking Beds.
In fact, any plant that is grown in a regular garden can be grown in a Wicking Bed.

Wicking beds – Video #3 Construct the Wicking Bed.


Wicking beds – Video #4  Finish the Build – Questions and Answers.

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