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Murray Hallam Triple Pack - Aquaponics Made Easy + Aquaponics Secrets + DIY/First 12 Months

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Murray Hallam
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All three of our aquaponics titles in one pack! 'Aquaponics Made Easy', 'Aquaponics Secrets', and 'DIY Aquaponics + Aquaponics: The First 12 Months'. Save on the cost by getting all three in one pack! . . . read more

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Triple DVD
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Over five hours of viewing.  Save money by getting all three DVDs in one pack.

Start from the basics of aquaponics in Aquaponics Made Easy, go further into it with Aquaponics Secrets, see how to build a system and follow the first-year maturing in DIY Aquaponics + Aquaponics: The First 12 Months (two films on one DVD).

These films are a must for anyone getting into aquaponics or wanting to get in further!

Murray Hallam is a world-renowned aquaponics expert, with over a decade of practical experience in designing, building and running aquaponics system, and in teaching it all to others.  Practical, reliable information you can trust!

Get a head-start on aquaponics success with these three informative films.

Aquaponics Made Easy and Aquaponics Secrets each run approximately 90 minutes and DIY Aquaponics + Aquaponics: The First 12 Months runs for a full two hours.

Excellent video quality and detailed, useful information.

Aquaponics Made Easy

This film covers the fundamental information you need to know to get started in aquaponics, all in one place.

See details of what it contains at its individual listing - Aquaponics Made Easy

Aquaponic Secrets

Now that you've covered the basics, go deeper into running a system.  This film covers things like fish management, water-quality managment, pest control, and introduces the floating-raft style of bed, among lots of other things.

See more about what this film covers at its individual listing - Aquaponics Secrets.

DIY Aquaponics + Aquaponics: The First 12 Months

Follow Murray as he builds a system out of IBCs (Tote tanks) in DIY Aquaponics, and watch a system mature from construction to one-year-old in Aquaponics: The First 12 Months.

Watch how easy it is to build your own backyard system, and learn what to expect as a system settles in and really starts to flourish in the first year.

An outline of the contents can be found at the title's individual listing - DIY Aquaponics + Aquaponics: The First 12 Months.

NOTE - this DVD is NTSC format.  It will play well on players set for this format, or on multi-format players and computers.  It will not play well (if at all) on players set for PAL format.


Get this great set of information-packed DVDs and set yourself on a solid aquaponics foundation.

  • I have all three and they are worth every cent/penny and also worth watching over and over again!!! Having attended the 4-day farm course in February’13 was great as well – there is still appetite for more DVDs, showing your latest results of your research, Murray. Love your work. Keep it up and God bless you.
    Evelin Röshel
  • They are all very informative and practical, really glad I had them when I built my system but I also did the day course as well which was a great help with the initial understanding of how it all works. I highly recommend the day course!
    Sean Thomas
  • I have the DIY and the Aquaponics Secrets and think both are great. Now I have been doing it longer I find the secrets most useful but the DIY was indispensable when I first started.
    Rachael Wilson

Additional Information


Murray Hallam is probably the best-known face in the world-wide Aquaponics movement. Murray is by nature an innovator and in his Research & Development facility has perfected many new methodologies for commercial farm Aquaponic systems.


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