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ProtaPod - Commercial-size Bio Pod

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Decompose food scraps and other organic waste in this commercial-size Black-Soldier-Fly larvae farm. Big brother of the renowned BioPod, the ProtaPod can 'digest' nearly 10 kg (~20 Lb) of material each day. . . . read more

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Looking for an ecological way to get rid of organic scraps?  Or to grow live feed for your fish, chickens or other animals?  Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae are just the thing!  And the ProtaPod is designed to cultivate them on a commercial scale.

Put your food scraps or other organic material into the ProtaPod.  The BSF adults lay eggs in the decaying organic matter.  The eggs hatch and the grubs/larvae eat the organic material until they reach a certain stage of maturity, in the process breaking it down to what is essentially compost and compost-tea.  At this point of their development, they move up the exit ramps and drop down the exit chute into whatever receptacle you've placed under it to catch them.  Ta-da!  Self-harvesting fish food!  How good is that!

They are now ready to go to your fish, your chickens, or whatever other use you have planned for them.  Throw a handful into a fish tank or chicken run and watch them disappear!

To maintain your local population of BSF, you need to let some of the larvae go into the ground to develop into more adults, so sprinkle a handful of them out somewhere safe, every now and then.

Advantages of a ProtaPod

  • Turn organic waste materials into useable resources
  • Keep food waste out of landfill
  • Grow your own animal feed - a high-quality supplemental food for fish, poultry, reptiles, and amphibians (even yourself, if you're game!) - high in calcium, healthy fat, and protein
  • The larvae/grubs are dry and clean to handle once they've dropped out of the pod - very low 'ick' factor!

End-Product Uses

Pupae / Prepupae / Mature Grubs

  • Live or dried animal feed
  • Can be converted into constituents via rendering – make bio-diesel from lipids (fats)
  • Live bait for fishing
  • Bird feeders / wildlife food
  • Chitin and chitosan source

Liquid Effluent / Tea

  • Bio-attractant for BSF adult females
  • Repellent for ‘filth flies’ (house flies, etc)
  • Excellent liquid fertilizer when properly diluted

Compost / Black Friable Residue

  • High in cellulose
  • Easily transformed into worm castings in a worm farm
  • Use raw as a soil amendment

Features of the ProtaPod

  • A pair of angled migration ramps allow for natural migration and auto-separation of mature grubs
  • An exit chute at the top of the ramps enables grubs to drop easily into any receptacle for simple and fast harvesting
  • Durable, heavy-duty roto-moulded polyethylene construction ensures long life and multi-year use
  • Ridged, channelised bottom prevents pooling of liquids, and permits passive drainage of effluent
  • Open-style system maximizes air flow, maintaining aerobic conditions throughout
  • Large capacity allows processing of lots of waste


  • 1120 mm (44") top and 860 mm (34") bottom diameters
  • Overall body height of 670 mm (26.4")
  • Empty unit weighs 11.4 kg (25.1 Lb)
  • Digestion Rate - 9.5 kg (21 Lb) per day (based on 1/2 full unit)
  • Functional capacity of 4 times the standard BioPod™
  • 15-20% bioconversion rate of food scraps into grubs
  • Outside diameter (OD) of external chute is 41 mm or (1 9/16”)
  • Unit must be sheltered from direct sunlight and precipitation (rain/snow)

The ProtaPod is a great addition to anyone's sustainability efforts.  Turn waste into useable resources!  Keep cycling the nutrients through the environment as nature intended.


NOTE - these are far too large to post; they require special freight.  Call for a quote on shipping.

NOTE - The ProtaPod does not come with the Black Soldier Fly larvae or adults.

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