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Aquaponics Courses

Two options - AQUAPONICS DESIGN COURSE (online) // 4-DAY AQUAPONICS INTENSIVE (MasterClass) (on site) // Scroll down for more information.
Aquaponics Courses

Aquaponics Master Class (4 Day)

The Aquaponics Master Class is a combination of face-to-face lessons and hands-on training in the greenhouse, held over 4 days. This Aquaponics Master Class is suitable for those who want to see-and-touch actual Aquaponics. I am finding a good number of my students are completing both courses.

Held at Murray’s Queensland property. This is Face To Face Learning Experience.

  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Duration: Four days

Aquaponics Design Course (Online)

The eight week Aquaponics Design Course course is completely online. If you have the internet, you can study Aquaponics. You can do it anywhere in the world and we will help you make your home, school or commercial aquaponics dream a reality.

This training follows on from our many successful training events in San Jose California, Pescadero California, Oceanside California, Denver Colorado, Saint Helens Oregon, Orlando Florida, Houston Texas, San Juan Puerto Rico USA, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs in Australia. Also in Pecs Hungary, Melides Portugal, Morocco, Cape Town South Africa, Bangalore India, and Taiwan.


Below are the similarities between the Aquaponics Master Class (4 Day) and the Aquaponics Design Course (Online):

Both 4 Day and Online Courses
Go from the basics of aquaponics up to more-advanced level knowledge.
Do not require any previous aquaponics knowledge.
Teach you how to design, set-up and successfully run a system.
Include instruction on the business side of aquaponics, for those interested in going commercial.
Focus on giving students the knowledge they need to get started and continue successfully in aquaponics, whether they want just a small, home system or big commercial farm.


Below are the differences between the Aquaponics Master Class (4 Day) and the Aquaponics Design Course (Online):

Aquaponics Master Class (4 Day)
In-person, classroom teaching
Intensive four days
Have to attend when classes are on
All day, face-to-face contact with Murray
On-the-spot contact with other students – excellent networking opportunity
Hands-on learning in the greenhouse and workshop
Less investigation into certain topics, due to time limits
Participation certificate is given
Aquaponics Design Course (Online)
Completely online, instruction via videos & PDF
Spread out over 8 weeks - self-paced.
Can do the work in your own time
Email & weekly webinar contact with Murray
Online contact with fellow students
No hands-on instruction
More in-depth study of some topics. Case studies
The certification is given to students who submit a design for assessment, and pass

Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Course

Learn how to make your own fibreglass fish tanks, grow beds, sumps and filter tanks, and how to waterproof a wooden bed by lining it with fibreglass.
What's in the course:
  • Working with resin
  • Repairing a fibreglass tank
  • Laying fibreglass over timber
  • Replicating a tank from a mould
  • Trade tips to help you along
The information in the course comes out of Murray Hallam's practical experience based on decades of professional fibreglassing, including boat building and aquaponic tank construction.
This is not a trade course.  It is intended for personal interest only.  It does not qualify you as a fibreglasser.
The course is included as a complimentary extra for students enrolled in the Aquaponics Design Course (ADC).  Former ADC students, from before we started this course, can get a 70% discount on the Fibreglassing Course by contacting ADC Support.
NOTE - if you have not done the ADC and you do the Fibreglassing Course, this does not entitle you to a discount on the ADC if you enroll at a later date.
  • A very informative course for anyone thinking about doing Aquaponics.
    Rawle R.
  • I have so much confidence in the info provided I have partnered with a farmer to start an Aquaponics system.
    Allan S.
  • It’s a great and excellent course to prepare the students to do their own designs.
    Robert B.

Additional Information

Learn Aquaponics

At Practical Aquaponics, we have a range of information suitable for the novice to the expert. Browse our blog, register for our Aquaponics Courses, Workshops and Seminars or buy kits, books, DVDs and many other aquaponics necessities in our shop.



Our Consulting service covers everything from initial planning, site assessment and feasibility studies, system design, plans and specifications, bill of quantities, right through to commissioning and follow up hand-holding.


Student Lodging

Looking for accommodation for your stay when taking part in the 4 Day Master Class? We have put together a list of the local accommodation providers together with a brief overview based on our student feedback complete with contact numbers and links to websites.


Events Calendar

Browse our Events Calendar to view the upcoming courses, tours and workshops held by Practical Aquaponics.


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