Practical Aquaponics combines Aquaculture & Hydroponics in a wonderful intergrated way to create a symboitic ECO system. Aquaponics is an ECO system.



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INDY 23 Fish Garden Plan and kit sets. The ultimate home Aquaponics system - Build it yourself. See Here.

Do you want to build your own home Aquaponics system but not too sure where to start?  What materials to get or even what tools you will need.

This book of system plans is just what you are looking for.


All plans, drawings and material lists have metric and imperial measurements.

Four plan sets that will give you an excellent choice of where is best to start for you. 
A large home system that will supply all your fresh vegetables for a family of two.  A wonderful fish dinner every two weeks or so. This INDY system looks good and is a serious food producer.
Ever wondered just how to build a wicking bed?  The instructions are all there. A very small wicking bed, say of 1 sqm (10 sqf)  or as large as 6 sqm (65 sqf approx).
Use recycled Totes (IBC's) to build a well proven three bed design.

Build a very low cost system from two recycled bathtubs       Go HERE to get your copy

Discover Aquaponics One Day Course, BRISBANE, October 13th, 2014


                                          This one day training event is designed to help the beginner get an overall view of what home based  Aquaponics is all about.  Aquaponics greenhouse large lettuce plantsAt the end of the day you will be able to make informed decisions about  system size for your needs, fish species best suited to your area, plants that can be grown and just how to go about getting started.

*What is Aquaponics all about?  - World’s best ECO system.

Go HERE for further information.

Indy 23 ultimate Aquaponics system

The INDY 23 Aquaponics system. The ultimate in home AP.
The INDY 23 is available as a very detailed plan set for your DIY project, or as a plan set with plumbing kit, or a plan set with component parts flat pack .
The INDY 23 will provide year round vegetables and fish for a typical family of four.   
See here for more Indy 23 system information.

The Balcony MAXIMUS Aquaponics Kit - The kit for maximum production on your balcony.


The Maximum food production where space is limited.  A compact but serious food production unit.


This particular kit is featured in our DVD "The First 12 Months" which is part of "Aquaponics DIY" DVD.


See more about this kit HERE.

See details about our DVD "The First 12 Months"

Aquaponics water pump.A range of Aquaponics suitable pumps.


PondMAX PM8500H Multi Use Pump.



Aquaponics auto siphon, bell siphonAquaponics pre-made parts.
Auto Siphon Assembly Complete.

This is a complete Auto Siphon Assembly.

It is made assuming a standard 300mm (1 foot) deep grow bed.  The bed will be filled by a regulated continuous flow from the pump.



Aquaponics backup switchBackup Power Fail switch and leads - New Improved Model

To provide 12 volt power to backup aerator system.


A range of Aquaponic products are available in our on-line store.

We post product and DVD's to anywhere in the world.


Aquaponics For Profit short video clip giving a good overview of a small commercial system.  Runs for 5 minutes.

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